ForSaleByOwnerABC’s Kit

Get the tools you need to sell your own home with confidence!

Get access to the complete kit.

Download and print what you need, when you need it.

For only $199, get the complete kit, valued at $795

The complete kit includes:

Get Started Quickly

♦ Quick start guide…the process at a glace

♦ Helpful tips for keeping sane through the process

♦ Resource guide to help you understand the For Sale By Owner method

Price to Win

♦ Simple pricing tool to help you see the financial implications of your pricing decisions

♦ Research tips and tricks in finding appropriate comparable sales in your area

♦ Tips for justifying your price to buyers and buyers’ agents

Advertise Effectively and Efficiently

♦ Evaluation of listing options

♦ Simple tool for choosing your best listing option…based on your budget and timelines

♦ Tips for creating the best listing…beat out the competition at a glance

♦ Resource guide to help you get the most for your money

Manage the Offers and Negotiations

♦ Key Forms: offer, counter offer, purchase agreement, addendums, etc.

♦ Counter offer and negotiation tactics that work!

♦ Tips on terms you should always consider or avoid in your purchase agreement

♦ Resource guide to help you through offer negotiation and contract building

Close Escrow on Time and With Confidence

♦ Calendar tool to help you manage and plan for the “big” milestones in escrow

♦ Tools for managing key escrow milestones: Inspections, contingencies, appraisal, etc.

♦ List and access to disclosure forms for your state (California only)

♦ Resource guide to help you simplify the escrow process