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Our ForSaleByOwnerABC’s Kit and ForSaleByOwnerABC’s Webinars provide a set of invaluable tools, tips, resources and information accumulated and developed by a team of experts. We have over 30 years of experience. Each member coming with:

♦ Personal For Sale by Owner (FSBO) experience

♦ Hundreds of conversations with sellers like yourself

♦ Years of learning about the successes and failures in the FSBO process

♦ Years working with agents and understanding how they work

♦ A passion for mastering the FSBO process and helping others do the same

Read one of their stories below

“I had just lost thousands of dollars in my 401K. I owned my own home and my investment property was at a monthly loss between rent and all the costs. I had to sell it. The renter didn’t want to show the home so he moved out. Seven months later I was $18,000 down in my savings on top of a lost of $255,000 in value in the home I was living in. My income only covered on of these homes so I was losing more savings by the day. Something had to give.

So I put the home I spent years working for up for sale as well. Whichever of these homes sold first, I was going to live in the other. But with the $255,000 loss in value, I was under water on my loan principle. I couldn’t afford thousands more in agent fees. I was devastated. I realized I hat to do it myself to minimize the check I had to write to the bank when I did sell it. The thought of selling my home myself scared the heck out of me. So much liability if I got something wrong! So much paperwork! So much worry! But I didn’t have a choice.” - Heather Samarin

This is a common story nowadays. The economy and home prices have made it almost impossible for sellers to afford thousands in agent commissions. As a result, more and more homes are being sold using the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) method. A recent study by the U.S. Department of justice found that people who sell their own homes can save as much as $7,500 in real estate commissions on the sale of a median priced home. Agent commissions can range anywhere from 2-6% on the price of a home. You don’t have to pay that!

Our team of experts has accumulated great tips, references, and experience that will be invaluable to you in selling your own home. And it’s 110% Guaranteed!

Heather Samarin

Vice President, ProfitPoint Investments, LLC. 10+ Years experience in buying and selling property. Extensive FSBO experience.

Dan Samarin

President, Air West Mechanical, Inc. 30 years experience as real estate developer and general contractor.

Tracy Shemonoski

California Real Estate Agent, member of C.A.R. 10 years experience helping families sell and buy homes.